Dr Devesh Kaushal

Dr Devesh Kaushal

Specialist Gastrointestinal & Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr Devesh Kaushal is a Specialist General Surgeon with sub-specialised training in Upper-GI, Weight Loss and Colorectal Surgery. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS).

Dr Kaushal did his surgical registrar training across NSW, QLD and the NT within the public hospital system. He then embarked on additional, sub-specialised, upper-gi surgical training in the UK.

He has 15+ years of gastrointestinal surgical experience at the highest level and holds a Master of Surgery degree. He has focused his practice on weight loss surgery, particularly the gastric sleeve operation.

Dr Kaushal is fully accredited in diagnostic endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) and he performs many cutting edge endoscopic procedures.

Areas of Expertise

Dr Devesh Kaushal specialises in minimally invasive laparoscopic ("keyhole") surgery.

Conditions Dr Kaushal specialises in include bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve), hernia surgery, gallbladder surgery, acid reflux surgery and a range of colorectal surgical procedures. He also performs advanced endoscopic procedures, including balloon dilatation, stent insertion and Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR).

Bariatric Surgery

Upper-Gi Surgery

Colorectal Surgery

Claudia Khalil 

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Claudia is a core member of Dr Kaushal’s team and is a fully accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist. She completed her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney.

Claudia is passionate about helping people reach their goals in health and nutrition by translating complex information into personalised and practical strategies.

Obesity & Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a complex medical condition characterised by an excess of body fat. It occurs when the energy intake (calories consumed) exceeds the energy expenditure (calories burned), as well as a range of genetic and socioeconomic factors. Obesity is typically assessed using the Body Mass Index (BMI), with a BMI of 30+ considered obese.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, you are in the right place. Dr Kaushal operates across South Western Sydney from the Campbelltown and Liverpool regions.


Consulting Locations

Dr Devesh Kaushal consults from Gregory Hills (near Campbelltown) and Liverpool. He operates from Campbelltown Private and Public Hospitals, as well as Sydney South West Private Hospital.