Dr Devesh Kaushal

For Referrers

Do not hesitate to contact us

We are happy to receive calls or emails from referring GPs, Specialists and allied health professionals to discuss a particular patient or answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss something if required.

Types of referral enquiries

Dr Kaushal sees all types of patients, including both public and private patients. However, we do not bulk-bill public patients in the clinic. If a public patient needs surgery, they will be charged our normal consulting fees at the clinic, and then surgery options will be coordinated at the public hospital.

Referrals can be sent via email, fax or sent securely using Healthlink. Visit our contact page for our details.

Patients being referred to Dr Kaushal are recommended to have the following diagnostic investigations performed prior to attending our clinic:

For anything urgent in nature, we recommend you contact our reception team directly so that we can appropriately triage the case and Dr Kaushal can be contacted with urgency.

Dr Devesh Kaushal is a Specialist General Surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS).

Dr Kaushal offers 15+ years of experience and holds a Master of Surgery Degree, as well as being fully certified in gastroscopy and colonoscopy by the Gastroenterology Society of Australia (GESA).

Dr Kaushal takes an empathetic, warm-hearted and friendly approach to patient care and is completely dedicated to patient outcomes.

He consults and operates across Souther-Western Sydney.